Proudly made in New Zealand

Price List for Cubes, Drawers and Shelves

Measurements are from outside edge to outside edge.
You may choose any combination of drawers and shelves so long as the sum of the drawer/shelf numbers equal the cube size number

Note that all cubes are 340mm deep.

Cube Width ACube Width BCube Width CCube Width DCube Width E
6" (173mm wide)A4 (241mm wide)12" (346mm wide)A3 (451mm wide)(Jumbo / 519mm wide)
Cube Size 4 (282mm high)$70$75$80$85$90
Cube Size 5 (346mm high)$75$80$85$90$95
Cube Size 6 (410mm high)$80$85$90$95$100
Drawer 1 (52mm internal height)$30$31$32$33$34
Drawer 1.5 (84mm internal height)$31$32$33$34$35
Drawer 2 (116mm internal height)$32$33$34$35$36
Drawer 2.5 (148mm internal height)$33$34$35$36$37
Drawer 3 (180mm internal height)$34$35$36$37$38
Shelves 0.5n/a$4.00$4.50$5.00$5.50

Other Accessories

Drawer dividers up to 9 partitions $10 per drawer
Drawer dividers 10+ partitions $20 per drawer
Small drop side table $1080 includes 4 cubes
Large drop side table $1190 includes 4 cubes
Bridge for above table set up $60
Capping Board $50
Single base on castors $40
Double base on castors $50
Triple base on castors $60
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